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Melanoleuca Pat. (cavalier toadstools)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Genus)

Taxon Rank #refs #webs
Melanoleuca albifolia Boekhout (a toadstool) Species   1
Melanoleuca atripes Boekhout (a toadstool) Species   1
Melanoleuca brevipes (Bull.) Pat. (Stunted Cavalier) Species   1
Melanoleuca cinereifolia (Bon) Bon (Dune Cavalier) Species 2 1
Melanoleuca cognata (Fr.) Konrad & Maubl. (Spring Cavalier) Species    
Melanoleuca cognata var. cognata (Fr.) Konrad & Maubl. (Spring Cavalier) Variety   4
Melanoleuca cognata var. nauseosa Boekhout (a spring cavalier) Variety   1
Melanoleuca exscissa (Fr.) Singer (Smoky Cavalier) Species    
Melanoleuca exscissa var. exscissa (Fr.) Singer (Smoky Cavalier) Variety   3
Melanoleuca exscissa var. iris (Kühner) Boekhout (a smoky cavalier) Variety   1
Melanoleuca grammopodia (Bull.) Pat. (Grooved Cavalier) Species   3
Melanoleuca langei (Boekhout) Bon (a toadstool) Species   3
Melanoleuca melaleuca (Pers.) Murrill (Bald Knight) Species   1
Melanoleuca nivea Boekhout (a toadstool) Species 1 2
Melanoleuca oreina (Fr.) Kühner & Maire (a toadstool) Species   3
Melanoleuca polioleuca (Fr.) Kühner & Maire (Common Cavalier) Species 1 3
Melanoleuca polito-inaequalipes Béguet ex Traverso & Zotti (a cavalier) Species   1
Melanoleuca pseudoluscina Bon (a toadstool) Species 1  
Melanoleuca rasilis (Fr.) Singer (a toadstool) Species 1  
Melanoleuca schumacheri (Fr.) Singer (Clouded Cavalier) Species   2
Melanoleuca strictipes (P. Karst.) Jul. Schäff. (a cavalier) Species 1 2
Melanoleuca stridula (Fr.) Singer (a toadstool) Species   2
Melanoleuca turrita (Fr.) Singer (a cavalier) Species   4
Melanoleuca verrucipes (Fr.) Singer (Warty Cavalier) Species 3 1

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Boekhout, T., 1999 Melanoleuca Pat., Cat. Rais. Pl. cell. Tunésie: 22. 1897 (nom. conserv.)
Bon, M., 1992 Tricholomes et Ressemblants
Pegler, D.N. & Young, T.W.K., 1973 Basidiospore form in the British Leucopaxillae
Watling, R. & Turnbull, E., 1998 Cantharellaceae, Gomphaceae & Amyloid-Spored and Xeruloid Members of Trichlomataceae (excl. Mycena)

General Works

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(spore droppers)
(a class of fungi)
(mushrooms and toadstools)
(a family of toadstools)
Macromycetes (via Agaricales) Fungi s.l. (via Fungi)

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Macromycetes (via Agaricales) Fungi s.l. (via Fungi)
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