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Ellis, M.B. & J.P., 1998

Microfungi on Miscellaneous Substrates: An Identification Handbook

An encyclopaedic and fairly comprehensive account of the microfungi that grow on various non-plant substrates in Britain. These comprise discomycetes, other ascomycetes, hyphomycetes, coelomycetes and phycomycetes, plus a handful of basidiomycetes on other fungi and on bryophytes.

The handbook is arranged in the following chapters:

Fungi Growing on or with Bryophytes
Bryophytes (Mosses and Liverworts): Host Index
Fungi on Fungi
Fungi: Host Index
Fungi on Myxomycetes
Fungi on burnt Ground and Charcoal
Fungi on Soil
Fungi on Dung
Fungi on Bones, Feathers, Paper, Cloth etc.

The larger chapters are broken down into groups of fungi (Discomycetes, Other Ascomycetes etc.). Each section begins with a key to genera; larger genera also have keys.

The final species accounts are quite short, but two thirds of them are illustrated with line drawings, principally of the microscopy.

Fungi parasitic on Rusts and Powdery Mildews are dealt with in "Microfungi on Land Plants: An Identification Handbook", by the same authors.

Excludes fungi on Insects (eg Hypocreales, Entomophthorales and Laboulbeniomycetes)

Publisher The Richmond Publishing Co. Ltd
Pages 246
ISBN 0 85546 248 5
Edition 2nd (New Enlarged)
Coverage Covers about 730 species, comprising the majority of fungi growing on the relevant substrates that can be found, with hand lens or dissecting microscope, in Britain.
Illustrations 56 pages containing over 500 original line drawings at the back.
Identify Under a Compound Microscope (also useful to examine under a Stereo Microscope).
Specimen Prep. Microscopy of spores and related structures.

Malcolm Storey

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