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Morris, M.G., 1997

Broad-Nosed Weevils (Entiminae)

Dichotomous key with species entries describing gender differences, ecology, plant associations, frequency and distribution.

Publisher The Royal Entomological Society of London (RES)
Volume Vol 5, Part 17a
Pages 106
ISBN 0 901546 79 8
Web site
Coverage Covers all UK species known at the time.
Illustrations Half-tone drawings of whole animals and line drawings of diagnostic features, all at the back of the book.
Identify Under a Stereo Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Mounted (carded) or pinned specimen.
Difficulty Mostly straightforward. Sitona become much easier once you realise that 90% of your finds are S. Regensteinensis; the others do look different.

Malcolm Storey

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