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Mound L.A., Morison, G.D., Pitkin, B.R. & Palmer, J.M., 1976


Key to Thrips. Thrips are tiny insects so the key is based on minute structures that must be examined under the compound microscope.

Publisher The Royal Entomological Society of London (RES)
Volume Vol 1, part 11
Pages 79
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Coverage Covers all UK species known at the time. The main omission is Frankliniella occidentalis (Western Flower Thrips) which arrived in Britain after the key was published.
Illustrations Line drawings accompany the text.
Identify Under a Compound Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Collected into 60% alcohol (with a little glycerol and acetic acid), macerated in cold 5% NaOH, dehydrated through alcohols, cleared (eg Clove Oil) and mounted in Canada Balsam. Quick and dirty preps can be made in Hoyers or Berlese mountant when a permanent preparation is not required.
Difficulty Often easier than you might expect.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

THYSANOPTERA (thrips) Identification Current
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