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British Wildlife

Indispensable journal for all interested in British wildlife and its conservation. It carries identification articles from time to time, though less so in recent years.

Published bimonthly.

A full subject index (to the main articles, but unfortunately not the Wildlife Reports) is available on their web-site (both online and as a downloadable PDF). Beware that it uses mainly common names and is alphabetically arranged by the principal noun (even where this is not normally part of the name), eg "Diving Beetle" is under "Beetle, diving", "Hedge Bindweed" under "Bindweed, Hedge". Moths, however, are all under "Moth...", so "Alder Kitten" is listed under "Moth, Alder Kitten". On the other hand "Robber fly" is listed as exactly that. In practice a quick "Find" or two will find the entry.

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Publisher British Wildlife Publishing
ISSN 0958-0956
Address The Old Dairy,
Milton on Stour,
Gillingham, Dorset
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