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McHugh, R., Mitchel, D., Wright, M. & Anderson, R., 2001

Fungi of Irish Grasslands and their value for Nature Conservation

Presents results of BMS Waxcap Survey in Northern Ireland.

Also reviews various continental systems used to assess the quality of ancient grassland by means of the mycota. An appendix tabulates the various habitat quality scores assigned to each species of grassland fungus.

Journal Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
Volume Vol 101B No 3
Page range 225-243
Illustrations Colour photos of selected species.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

GEOGLOSSACEAE Corda (earthtongues) Background Reading Current
CLAVARIACEAE Chevall. (fairy clubs) Background Reading Current
ENTOLOMATACEAE Kotl. & Pouzar (pinkgills) Background Reading Current
Hygrocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm. (waxcaps, waxcap mushrooms) Background Reading Current
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