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Dennis, R.W.G., Orton, P.D. & Hora, F.B., 1960

New Checklist of British Agarics and Boleti

The 1960 checklist of mushrooms and toadstools consisted of three parts:

Part I: the checklist
Part II: (PDO) lists the genus changes and provides accounts of several genera and many species. A very useful paper in its day.
Part II: (F.B.H.) is similar but much shorter.

By current thinking we have more then twice as many species as recognised in 1960.

Journal Transactions of the British Mycological Society (TBMS)
Volume Vol 43 (2)

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope


Superceded by Legon, N.W. & Henrici, A. with Roberts, P.J., Spooner, B.M. & Watling, R., 2005
The Checklist Orton, P.D., 1960
The Checklist Hora, F.B., 1960
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