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A long-established and highly respected publisher of natural history titles. Most of their back catalogue is now out of print and prohibitively expensive, but the older titles are mostly available online and the more recent ones on CD.

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Brook, A.J. & Williamson, D.B., 2010 A Monograph on some British Desmids
Fretter, V. & Graham, A., 1994 British Prosobranch Molluscs. Their Functional Anatomy and Ecology
Edees, E.S. & Newton, A., 1988 Brambles of the British Isles
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anon., 1969 Vice County Maps
Fretter, V. & Graham, A., 1962 British Prosobranch Molluscs
Dennis, R.W.G., 1960 British Cup Fungi and their Allies: an Introduction to the Ascomycetes
Marsden-Jones, E.M. & Turrill, W.B., 1957 The Bladder Campions (Silene maritima and S. vulgaris).
Marsden-Jones, E.M. & Turrill, W.B., 1954 British Knapweeds: a Study in Synthetic Taxonomy
Locket G.A. & Millidge A.F., 1953 British Spiders (3 Vols)
Tattersall, W.M. & Tattersall, O.S., 1951 The British mysidacea
Berrill, N.J., 1950 The Tunicata, with an Account of the British Species
Dawes, B., 1947 The Trematoda of British Fishes
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Balfour-Brown, F., 1940 British water beetles
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Gurney, R., 1931 British fresh-water Copepoda
Lebour, M.V., 1930 The Planktonic Diatoms of Northern Seas
Lucas, W.J., 1930 The Aquatic (Naiad) Stage of the British Dragonflies (Paraneuroptera)
Soar, C.D. & Williamson, W., 1929 The British Hydracarina
Stephenson, T.A., 1928 The British Sea Anemones
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Lucas, W.J., 1920 A Monograph of the British Orthoptera
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Eliot, C. (continuing Alder, J. & Hancock, A. 1845-55), 1910 A Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca: with Figures of all the Species. Part 8. Supplementary. [=Vol. 2]
Alder, J. & Hancock, A. (Hopkinson J. (Ed.)), 1905 The British Tunicata; an unfinished monograph, by the late Joshua Alder and the late Albany Hancock
Cash, J. & Hopkinson, J., 1905 The British Freshwater Rhizopoda and Heliozoa
West, G.S., 1904 A Treatise on the British Freshwater Algae
West, W. & West, G.S. & Carter, N., 1904 A Monograph of the British Desmidiaceae (5 vols)
Buckton, G.B., 1903 A monograph of the Membracidæ
Michael, A.D., 1901 British Tyroglyphidae
Newstead, R., 1901 Monograph of the Coccidæ of the British Isles
Buckler, W., 1899 The larvae of the British butterflies and moths
Buckton, G.B., 1890 Monograph of the British Cicadae or Tettigidae
Michael, A.D., 1884 British Oribatidae
Cameron, P., 1882 A Monograph of the British Phytophagous Hymenoptera (Tenthredo, Sirex and Cynips, Linne.)
Buckton, G.B., 1879 Monograph of the British Aphides
Brady, G.S., 1878 A monograph of the free and semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British Islands
Lubbock, J., 1873 Monograph of the Collembola and Thysanura
McIntosh, W.C., 1873 A monograph of the British marine annelids
Allman, G.J., 1871 A Monograph of the Gymnoblastic or Tubularian Hydroids.
Bowerbank, J.S., 1864 A Monograph of the British Spongiadae Vols I-IV
Douglas, J.W. & Scott, J., 1864 The British Hemiptera. Vol. 1. Hemiptera-Heteroptera
Carpenter, W.B., Parker, W.K. & Jones, T.R., 1862 Introduction to the study of Foraminifera
Blackwall, J., 1860 A History of the Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland
Williamson, W.C., 1858 On the Recent Foraminifera of Great Britain
Allman, G.J., 1856 A Monograph of the Fresh-water Polyzoa, including all the known Species, both British and Foreign
Darwin, C., 1851 A Monograph of the Sub-class Cirripedia with Figures of all the Species
Leighton, W.A., 1851 The British Species of Angiocarpous Lichens, Elucidated by their Sporidia
Baird, W., 1850 The Natural History of the British Entomostraca
Forbes, E., 1848 A monograph of the British naked-eyed Medusæ with figures of all the species
Alder, J. & Hancock, A., 1845 Monograph of the British Nudibranchiate Mollusca: with Figures of all the Species
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