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Step, E., 1932

Bees, Wasps, Ants and Allied Insects of the British Isles

Probably the least successful of Warne's otherwise excellent "Wayside and Woodland" series. The photographs are rather small and dark and annoyingly labelled with made-up English names which must then be referred back to the text for the (old!) latin name.

Nevertheless the book provides one of the largest sources of photographs of named specimens and paintings. The plates also depict a good selection of nests and immature stages including two plates of (fairly awful!) paintings of saw-fly larvae (pl 108, 110).

The text remains a good introduction to the life-histories of many families of hymenoptera.

The author, the prolific Edward Step, sadly passed away shortly after completing the manuscript, so never saw the work in print.

Publisher Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd.
Pages 238
Coverage A selection of the larger British species.
Illustrations 56 double-sided plates with colour photographs of set specimens on one side, half-tone photographs from life on the other.

Malcolm Storey

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