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Grove, W.B., 1935

British Stem- and Leaf- Fungi: Coelomycetes Vol. I … Sphaeropsidales with hyaline conidia

The taxa are arranged in form genera. Within the (often rather large) genera, the species accounts are arranged in alphabetical order of host genus. There are line drawings of representative conidia at the start of each genus, and the occasional additional line drawing in the text.

Keys are given to higher taxa, down to the genera, but these can be difficult, requiring dissection or sectioning of the minute conidiomata and it's much easier to use the host index, although there are some plurivorous species.

Following the species accounts is an addendum describing Phlyctaena spp. which are regarded as B-spores of Phomopsis, a supplementary account of Phomopsis coronillae, latin diagnoses of new species, Index of Hosts and the Index of Binomial Names.

Although 70 years old, this is still the best reference for our native coelomycetes. Volume I covers those species with colourless conidia, volume II those where the conidia are coloured.

The taxonomy of the fungi (and their hosts!) is very dated so care needs to be taken.

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Publisher Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Volume Vol I
Pages 488
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Comments and Corrigenda Supplementary account of Phomopsis coronillae on pp 455.

Addenda to Vol I appear on p358 of Vol II.
Coverage All the then-known British species of coelomycetes with hyaline conidia.
Illustrations Some small line-drawings in the text.
Identify Under a Compound Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Spore preps, dissection or sectioning of pycnidia.
Difficulty Many can be recognised macroscopically if the host is known, but microscopy is required for confirmation.

Malcolm Storey

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(Coelomycetes) (stem- and leaf-fungi) Identification Current


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Volume II Grove, W.B., 1937
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