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Holt, V.M. with introduction by Mound, L., 1992

Why not eat insects?

Originally published in 1885, this small booklet exhorts us to eat insects. From classical sources to native peoples, numerous examples of entomophagy are presented. Nowadays, although insects are occasionally promoted as delicacies in western society, we still fear to take that extra step. The book ends with a couple of insect-oriented menus.

Although written with humour, in those pre-pesticide days there was a serious message, summed up by the quote on the cover:

"Them insecs (sic) eat up every blessed green thing that do grow, and us farmers starves"
"Well, eat THEM, and grow fat!"

Publisher Pryor Publications
Pages 99
ISBN 0946014-12-4

Malcolm Storey

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