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Current weather for the UK and your selected location(s). Forecast for next five days for a town, city or post code etc of your choice.

For a while I had BBC weather as my home page, but soon realised I was cancelling too many field trips to avoid rain that never materialised. Forecasted rain means some time in the 24 hours, so even if the rain actually materialises, so long as you're only intending to be out for a few hours it'll probably miss you. It has also been suggested that forecasters tend to err on the pessimistic side as nobody ever complains about good news!

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Comments and Corrigenda The key is incorrectly labelled: "light fog", "light rain" and "light snow" are actually the same colour as land and are presumably "no fog", "no rain" and "no snow".

I must say that personally I find the videos so confusing as to be all but meaningless and soon get fed up trying to match the colours to the key.

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