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Kevan D.K., 1967

The British Species of the genus Longitarsus (Col., Chrysomelidae)

An account of this very common and difficult genus of flea beetles.

Includes two keys: a long key based mainly on morphological features but using genitalia where necessary. This is followed by a shorter key for provisional identification using only morphological characters.

The following section offers further notes on a number of problem species.

Journal Entomologist's Monthly Magazine (EMM)
Volume Vol 103
Page range 83-110
Coverage All the British species known at the time.
Illustrations Line drawings of aedeagi, spermothecae, anterior tarsi, etc.
Identify Under a Stereo Microscope (also useful to examine under a Compound Microscope).
Specimen Prep. Genitalia dissection required for reliable identification as the species are rather variable, although food plant is often strongly indicative.

Malcolm Storey

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