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BioInfo offers taxon-based links to literature, both published and online. Most of the more useful identification reference books and websites have been included, especially those which give relatively complete coverage of the group. The recent spate of superficial and/or "me too" books on popular topics haven't been included as they are not usually in print for long enough to justify the effort.

The links also include papers, especially in the areas where I'm most active, (eg fungi) or where they can be freely downloaded over the web.

The website also includes trophic relations (food webs) compiled from (and referenced to) published sources. These are linked from both species involved (eg parasite and host, predator and prey). Data entry is reasonably complete for fungal hosts (parasite, pathogen and mycorrhiza) but a lot of data remains to be entered for insect food plants and animal parasitism and predation.

BioInfo includes links to the sister site, BioImages, when the latter has photos of the taxon in question.

BioInfo also has links to FRDBI (for fungi) and NBN (currently for fungi only, but soon to be expanded to all taxa.)

BioInfo was launched in Octber 2010.

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Coverage Geographically: Great Britain and Ireland form the study area for the site. The Channel Islands are excluded as they are biologically part of mainland Europe. Content is mainly taken from the study area, but extra-limital species which are "expected" could also be included.

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