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Wolczanska, A., 2008

New records of Erysiphales and Uredinales from Poland

Puccinia mei-mamillata on Angelica sylvestris, Neoerysiphe galeopsidis on Melittis melisophyllum and Podosphaera xanthii on Physalis alkekengi. Includes a key to the aecial state of rust fungi on Angelica in Poland.

Journal Acta Mycologica
Volume Vol 43 (1)
Page range 71-75 + 2 colour plates
Illustrations Colour photomicrographs.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

ERYSIPHALES Gwynne-Vaughan{?} (powdery mildews) Background Reading Current
PUCCINIALES Clem. & Shear (rust fungi) Background Reading Current
Angelica L. (a genus of flowering plants) Background Reading Current Key to rust aecia.
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