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Henrici, A., 2015

Notes and Records (April 2015)

Reports Tedersoo et al's 454 sequencing of fungi from 365 soil samples from throughout the World.

Discusses estimates of the number of species of fungi. The concensus has long been Hawksworth's 1.5 million, but Meredith Blackwell is now suggesting the true number could be up to 5 million.

Reports the number of new monophyletic genera required to accommodate Boletus and the disposition of familiar species.

A second British record of Squamanita contortipes is discussed and illustrated.

Ends on a trivial note about brevity (or lack of!) in fungal names.

Publisher Field Mycology
Volume Vol 16 (2)
Page range 70-72
Pages 13
Illustrations Colour photographs.

Malcolm Storey

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