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Benson, R.B., 1952

Hymenoptera: 2. Symphyta. Section (b)

Dichotomous key to sawflies of the family Tenthredinidiae except subfamily Nematinae (part c). This contains most of the brightly coloured species seen at flowers. A supplement in part c contains corrections.

Can be downloaded from the Royal Entomological Society's website.

Publisher The Royal Entomological Society of London (RES)
Volume Vol VI, Part 2(b)
Pages 137
Web site
Comments and Corrigenda There's a list of additional species added since Benson's keys in Adam Wright's AIDGAP key (p536-7)

Tenthredopsis and Macrophya have since been revised and new species added.
Coverage Covers all UK species known at the time.
Illustrations Line drawings in text.
Identify Under a Stereo Microscope.
Specimen Prep. Pinned specimens, females preferably set with saw everted.
Difficulty Straightforward.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

SYMPHYTA (sawflies) Identification Current
Macrophya Dahlbom, 1835 (a genus of sawflies) Identification Superseded
Tenthredopsis Costa, 1859 (a genus of sawflies) Identification Superseded


List of additional species added since publication Wright, A., 1990
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