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Dennis, R.W.G., 1978

British Ascomycetes

For many years this was "The Bible" for the identification of non-lichenised Ascomycete fruitbodies, and it remains useful for the sheer number of species covered. Inevitably the taxonomy is now rather dated.

Keys to groups and genera are given, but not to species, even in large genera (it can get a bit tedious working through 24 spp of Peziza!) Full descriptions of macro features, microscopy and host/microhabitat are given for the main species. There is generally a painting of the fruitbody and/or a line drawing of the microscopy. The location details of the figured material is given, but with insufficient detail to refind the fungus. Less common or less well understood related species are mentioned in footnotes.

The coverage is a rather patchy: better on saprobes, less complete for plant parasites, eg powdery mildews. Lichens are omitted. A few lichen para-symbionts are included, but many more species have been discovered since the present work was published.

Publisher J. Cramer
Pages 585
ISBN 3-7682-0552-5
Edition Revised and enlarged
Comments and Corrigenda Something went wrong with the index so that Unguicularia to viridipilosa is listed BETWEEN Trichobolus and trichodea, so that U appears to end with undulata while V commences with viridis.

A second edition was published in 1981 contaniing a 42-page supplement which updates the nomenclature and adds 4 new plates of figures and a number of additional species.
Coverage Most of the species from Britain which were well understood at the time. Many less well understood and very small species were omitted, as are lichens.
Illustrations 31 plates of line and stipple drawings and 44 colour plates of paintings at the end of the book.
Identify Under a Compound Microscope (also useful to examine under a Stereo Microscope).
Specimen Prep. Microscopy of spores, paraphyses, asci and excipulum; effect of Melzer's Iodine on spores and ascus tips.

Malcolm Storey

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Supplement Dennis, R.W.G., 1981
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