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Robbins, R., 1990

A Provisional Atlas of The Leaf Miners of Warwickshire, with notes on others occurring in the Midlands

Don't be put off by the title - this isn't an atlas - it contain no maps. It's a survey of the leaf mines of Warwickshire, in the context of central lowland England.

Introductory chapters cover biology, stem-miners and seed-miners, morphology of mines, identifying mines, history of their study in Warwickshire. The main text consists of a list of genera of higher plants arranged in families (in CTW order). Under each host genus is given the list of mining species with brief descriptions of the mines, host specificity etc. Warwickshire records are given, but species recorded in the surrounding counties are also included, so most of the leaf-mining fauna of non-coastal lowland Britain is covered. However the descriptions are terse and this is not a book for the beginner.

Page 143 lists the polyphagous miners which always need to be considered.

Desktop published in 1980's-style.

Publisher Warwickshire Museum Service
Pages 181
ISBN 1 869841 04 2
Edition 1991?
Coverage 73% of the British fauna as then understood, 80% of those of inland lowland England.
Identify In the Hand.
Specimen Prep. The author considers that about 68% of our leaf miners can be identified from the mine alone, and that 92% of Warwickshire mines could be identified from mines and their occupants, leaving only 8% that require rearing.

Malcolm Storey

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COLEOPTERA Linnaeus, 1758 (beetles) Identification Distribution map Current
DIPTERA (two-winged flies) Identification Distribution map Current
TENTHREDINIDAE (a family of sawflies) Identification Distribution map Current
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TRACHEOPHYTA (vascular plants) Background Reading Distribution map Current
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