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Pearman, D. & Walker, K., 2004

Comment: Rare plant introductions in the UK: creative conservation or wildflower gardening?

After a short history, the authors review the pro's and con's of reintroduction. They present the IUCN guidelines and offer a plea that reintroduction only be used as a last resort.

Journal British Wildlife
Volume Vol 15, No. 3
Page range 174-182
Illustrations Colour photographs.

Malcolm Storey

Taxonomic Scope

Filago gallica L. (Narrow-leaved Cudweed) Identification Current Colour photograph.
Agrostemma githago L. (Corncockle) Identification Current Colou photograph.
Primula scotica Hook. (Scottish Primrose) Identification Current Colour photograph.
Saxifraga hypnoides L. (Mossy Saxifrage) Identification Current Colour photograph.
Cypripedium calceolus L. (Lady’S Slipper, Lady's-slipper) Identification Current Colour photograph.
MAGNOLIOPSIDA (flowering plants) Background Reading Current
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