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Crawley, M., 2005

The Flora of Berkshire

An immense piece of work detailing what is known of the higher plant flora (and listing the mycota) of vice county 22.

In addition, it presents a distillation of the author's many years' experience of botany (and snippets of entomology) so is useful outside the vice-county for a more hands-on and personal view of plant identification than given by most floras, as well as background information on ecology.

The hints for some groups (eg Quercus petraea, robur and their hybrid) are more useful than those published elsewhere.

A 638-page update of the species accounts was published online in 2014.

Publisher Brambleby Books
Pages 1375
ISBN 0-9543347-4-4
Web site
Illustrations Colour photographs.

Malcolm Storey

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