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AGARICOMYCETES Doweld (a class of fungi)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
AGARICALES Underw. (mushrooms and toadstools) Order 2079 subtaxa 1989 5843
AGARICOMYCETIDAE Parmasto (a subclass of basidiomycetes) Subclass 2 subtaxa 11 2
ATHELIALES Jülich (an order of basidiomycetes) Order   1  
AURICULARIALES J. Schröt. (an order of jelly fungi) Order 53 subtaxa 71 327
BOLETALES E.-J. Gilbert (spongecap toadstools and their relatives) Order 151 subtaxa 249 566
CANTHARELLALES Gäum. (chanterelles, hedgehog fungi and some fairy clubs and resupinates) Order 94 subtaxa 76 379
Cenangiomyces luteus Dyko & B. Sutton (an anamorphic basidiomycete) Anamorphic Species     1
Contumyces rosellus (M.M. Moser) Redhead, Moncalvo, Vilgalys & Lutzoni (a toadstool) Species     1
Cotylidia pannosa (Sowerby) D.A. Reid (Woolly Rosette) Species   4  
Cotylidia undulata (Fr.) P. Karst. (Stalked Rosette) Species   1 1
Cyphellostereum laeve (Fr.) D.A. Reid (a cyphellaceous fungus) Species   4 2
Dictyonema interruptum (Carmich. ex Hook.) Parmasto (a lichenised bracket fungus) Species     4
GEASTRALES K. Hosaka & Castellano (earth-stars) Order 19 subtaxa 41 92
GLOEOPHYLLALES Thorn (an order of fungi) Order 5 subtaxa 4 15
GOMPHALES Jülich (an order of fairy clubs) Order 29 subtaxa 30 53
HYMENOCHAETALES Oberw. (an order of basidiomycete fungi) Order 69 subtaxa 72 510
HYSTERANGIALES K. Hosaka & Castellano (an order of truffles) Order 5 subtaxa 5 5
Intextomyces contiguus (P. Karst.) Erikss. & Ryvarden (a fungus) Species   1  
Odonticium romellii (S. Lundell) Parmasto (a toothed resupinate basidiomycete) Species   3 1
Peniophorella pubera (Fr.) P. Karst. (a resupinate) Species     1
PHALLALES E. Fisch. (stinkhorns, cage and coral fungi, earthstars, truffles and fairy clubs) Order 12 subtaxa 30 12
POLYPORALES Gäum. (polypores) Order 317 subtaxa 317 2514
Repetobasidium J. Erikss. (a genus of fungi) Genus 2 subtaxa 1 4
Rickenella Raithelh. (mosscap toadstools) Genus 3 subtaxa 11 3
RUSSULALES Kreisel ex P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon & J.C. David (an order of toadstools) Order 320 subtaxa 267 1106
SEBACINALES M. Weiss, Selosse, Rexer, A. Urb. & Oberw. (an order of fungi) Order 4 subtaxa 4 52
THELEPHORALES Corner ex Oberw. (an order of basidiomycete fungi) Order 66 subtaxa 76 171
TRECHISPORALES K.H. Larss. (an order of fungi) Order 37 subtaxa 25 169

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