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Eukaryota (eukaryotes)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Domain)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
ANIMALIA (animals) Kingdom 6988 subtaxa 5795 21350
CHROMISTA Caval.-Sm. (algae) Kingdom 247 subtaxa 319 992
FUNGI Whittaker (true fungi) Kingdom 9741 subtaxa 6699 36359
PLANTAE Haeckel, 1866 (plants) Kingdom 3184 subtaxa 1758 44187
PROTOZOA R. Owen (protists, single-celled organisms) Kingdom 207 subtaxa 167 395
Unidentified organisms (Identification Invited) Unidentified 1 subtaxon    
Galled inflorescence of Plantago lanceolata (Galled inflorescence of Ribwort Plantain) Species aggregate     1
(Fungi s.l.) (fungi (in the broad sense)) Informal 10048 subtaxa 7041 37418
(Seaweeds) (differentiated, multicellular, marine algae) Informal 47 subtaxa 97 143

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Biopix: Biopix
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Sterry, P., 1997 Complete British Wildlife

Seashore and Marine

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British Marine Life Study Society (Glaucus): British Marine Life Study Society (Glaucus)

General Works

A Snail's Odyssey: A Snail's Odyssey
Moss, B., 2017 Ponds and small lakes - microorganisms and freshwater ecology
Wickler, W., 1968 Mimicry in Plants and Animals

Marine species

Howson, C.M. & Picton, B.E. (eds), 1997 The Species Directory of the Marine Fauna and Flora of the British Isles and Surrounding Seas


Fisher, E., 2012 Dome Light Update

Recording and survey

BRISC: Biological Recording In Scotland: BRISC: Biological Recording In Scotland
NBNGoogleEarth: NBNGoogleEarth
Hill, D. et al, 2005 Handbook of Biodiversity Survey Methods - Survey, Evaluation and Monitoring
National Biodiversity Network (NBN): National Biodiversity Network (NBN)
Biological Records Centre (BRC): Biological Records Centre (BRC)

Seashore and Marine

MarBEF Data System: MarBEF Data System


British Association of Nature Conservationists: British Association of Nature Conservationists


BTCV - British Trust for Conservation Volunteers: BTCV - British Trust for Conservation Volunteers
The Wildlife Trusts: The Wildlife Trusts

UK Statutory

Countryside Council for Wales: Countryside Council for Wales
Environment Agency: Environment Agency
JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee: JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Natural England: Natural England
Scottish Natural Heritage: Scottish Natural Heritage

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