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BOLETALES E.-J. Gilbert (spongecap toadstools and their relatives)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
BOLETACEAE Chevall. (sponge cap toadstools) Family 71 subtaxa 144 299
CONIOPHORACEAE Ulbr. (a family of resupinate boletes) Family 8 subtaxa 7 40
DIPLOCYSTIDIACEAE Kreisel (barometer earthstars) Family 1 subtaxon    
Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morgan (Barometer Earthstar) Species   3 2
GASTROSPORIACEAE Pilát (Steppe truffles) Family 1 subtaxon    
Gastrosporium simplex Mattir. (Steppe Truffle) Species     1
GOMPHIDIACEAE Maire ex Jülich (spike toadstools) Family 4 subtaxa 4 13
GYROPORACEAE Locq. (a family of boletes) Family 2 subtaxa    
Gyroporus castaneus (Bull.) Quél. (Chestnut Bolete) Species   1 3
Gyroporus cyanescens (Bull.) Quél. (Cornflower Bolete) Species   1 8
HYGROPHOROPSIDACEAE Kühner (false chanterelles) Family 8 subtaxa 11 33
JAAPIACEAE Manfr. Binder, K.H. Larss. & Hibbett (a family of fungi) Family 2 subtaxa    
Jaapia Bres. (a genus of fungi) Genus 2 subtaxa 2 5
PAXILLACEAE Lotsy (a family of bolete toadstools) Family 8 subtaxa 19 34
RHIZOPOGONACEAE Gäum. & C.W. Dodge (beard truffles) Family 6 subtaxa 6 11
SCLERODERMATACEAE Corda (earthballs and dyeballs) Family 6 subtaxa 10 20
SCLEROGASTRACEAE Locq. (a family of fungi) Family 3 subtaxa    
Sclerogaster compactus (Tul. & C. Tul.) Sacc. (a false truffle) Species     2
Sclerogaster hysterangioides (Tul. & C. Tul.) Zeller & C.W. Dodge (a false truffle) Species     1
Sclerogaster lanatus R. Hesse (a false truffle) Species     1
SERPULACEAE Jarosch & Bresinsky (a family of resupinate boletes) Family 3 subtaxa    
Serpula himantioides (Fr.) P. Karst. (a resupinate bolete) Species   3 13
Serpula lacrymans (Wulfen) J. Schröt. (Dry Rot) Species   4  
Serpula pulverulenta (Sowerby) Bondartsev (a resupinate bolete) Species     1
SUILLACEAE Besl & Bresinsky (a family of boletes) Family 13 subtaxa 12 37
TAPINELLACEAE C. Hahn (lignicolous rollrims) Family 3 subtaxa    
Pseudomerulius aureus (Fr.) Jülich (Orange Netcrust) Species   2 3
Tapinella atrotomentosa (Batsch) Šutara (Velvet Rollrim) Species     10
Tapinella panuoides (Fr.) E.-J. Gilbert (Oyster Rollrim) Species   5 8

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Gruppo Micologico <<G. Bresadola>> di Trento - image gallery: Gruppo Micologico <<G. Bresadola>> di Trento - image gallery
Breitenbach J., & Kränzlin F., 1991 (Good selection of species covered, but most are also illustrated elsewhere. The critical group of Xerocomus is given an old-fashioned teatment with the more recently-described taxa not included.) Boletes & Agarics I
Ellis, M.B. & J.P., 1990 Fungi without gills (Hymenomycetes and Gasteromycetes) an identification handbook
Henderson, D.M., Orton, P.D. & Watling, R., 1969 Agarics and Boleti - Introduction
McAdam, A., 2007 Keys to the genera of Agarics and Boletes

General Works

Watling, R., 2002 One bolete genus or …?

Species richness

Orton, P.D. & Tofts, R., 1998 The Species Accumulation Curve for Agarics and Boleti from a Caledonian Pinewood.

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