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VIRIDIPLANTAE (lower green plants)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Subkingdom)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
Anthocerophyta (hornworts) Division (Bot.)   1  
BRYOPHYTA (mosses and Liverworts) Phylum 98 subtaxa 72 387
Charophyta (stoneworts and other charaphycean algae) Division (Bot.) 39 subtaxa 52 89
CHLOROPHYTA Pascher, 1914 (green algae) Phylum 33 subtaxa 39 88
LYCOPODIOPHYTA (clubmosses and quillworts) Phylum   2  
MARCHANTIOPHYTA (liverworts) Phylum 59 subtaxa 20 86
PTERIDOPHYTA (ferns and allies) Phylum 58 subtaxa 104 472

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