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TRICHOLOMATACEAE R. Heim ex Pouzar (a family of toadstools)

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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Family)

Taxon Rank #subtaxa #refs #webs
Arrhenia Fr. (a genus of toadstools) Genus 18 subtaxa 12 36
Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Singer (a toadstool) Species   1 2
Callistosporium pinicola Arnolds (a toadstool) Species   2 2
Cantharellopsis prescotii (Weinm.) Kuyper (a toadstool) Species     2
Cantharellula Singer (a genus of toadstools) Genus 1 subtaxon 3 3
Cellypha goldbachii (Weinm.) Donk (a cyphelloid fungus) Species     5
Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude (funnel caps) Genus 41 subtaxa 33 95
Collybia (Fr.) Staude (shanklet toadstools) Genus 4 subtaxa 13 31
Conchomyces bursiformis (Berk.) E. Horak (an oyster fungus) Species   1  
Delicatula integrella (Pers.) Fayod (a toadstool) Species   2 3
Dendrocollybia racemosa (Pers.) R.H. Petersen & Redhead (Branched Shanklet) Species   3 4
Dermoloma J.E. Lange ex Herink (a genus of toadstools) Genus 5 subtaxa 10 8
Fayodia anthracobia (J. Favre) Knudsen (a toadstool) Species   2  
Fayodia bisphaerigera (J.E. Lange) Singer (Slender Navel) Species   3 6
Gamundia striatula (Kühner) Raithelh. (Lined Meadowcap) Species   1 2
Haasiella venustissima (Fr.) Kotl. & Pouzar ex Chiaffi & Surault (a toadstool) Species     1
Lepista (Fr.) W.G. Sm. (a genus of toadstools) Genus 13 subtaxa 16 31
Leucocortinarius bulbiger (Alb. & Schwein.) Singer (White Webcap) Species   2 3
Leucopaxillus Boursier (a genus of funnels) Genus 6 subtaxa 10 12
Melanoleuca Pat. (cavalier toadstools) Genus 22 subtaxa 15 40
Melanomphalia nigrescens M.P. Christ. (an ear fungus) Species   1 2
Mycenella (J.E. Lange) Singer (a genus of toadstools) Genus 4 subtaxa 4 8
Myxomphalia maura (Fr.) Hora (a toadstool) Species   4 1
Omphaliaster asterosporus (J.E. Lange) Lamoure (a toadstool) Species   1 3
Omphaliaster borealis (M. Lange & Skifte) Lamoure (Northern Navel) Species     1
Omphalina Quél. (navel toadstools) Genus 7 subtaxa 4 18
Phyllotopsis nidulans (Pers.) Singer (Orange Oyster, Orange Mock Oyster) Species   5 6
Porpoloma Singer (meadowcap toadstools) Genus 3 subtaxa 11 5
Pseudobaeospora Singer (a genus of toadstools) Genus 5 subtaxa 1 7
Pseudoclitocybe (Singer) Singer (a genus of toadstools) Genus 3 subtaxa 3 8
Pseudolasiobolus minutissimus Agerer (a basidiomycete) Species     2
Pseudoomphalina graveolens (S. Petersen) Contu & La Rocca (a toadstool) Species   2 1
Resupinatus Nees ex Gray (a genus of oysterling fungi) Genus 5 subtaxa 10 46
Rimbachia arachnoidea (Peck) Redhead (Spidery Mossear) Species   1 5
Rimbachia bryophila (Pers.) Redhead (Veined Mossear) Species   1 3
Rimbachia neckerae (Fr.) Redhead (a basidiomycete) Species   2 1
Ripartites P. Karst. (seamine toadstools) Genus 1 subtaxon 3 3
Sphagnurus paluster (Peck) Redhead & V. Hofst. (Sphagnum Greyling) Species     1
Squamanita Imbach (strangler toadstools) Genus 4 subtaxa 18 9
Tricholoma (Fr.) Staude (knight toadstools) Genus 56 subtaxa 63 95
Tricholomopsis Singer (custard toadstools) Genus 2 subtaxa 3 15

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Breitenbach J., & Kränzlin F., 1991 (320 spp covered. Very useful.

Includes Hygrocybe which is nice, but Boertmann's monograph is more useful. Questions have been raised about some of the identifications.)
Boletes & Agarics I
Kühner, R. & Romagnesi, H., 1954 Compléments a la "Flore analytique"
III) Espéces nouvelles, critiques ou rares de Pleurotacées, Marasmiacées et Tricolomatacées
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General Works

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Henrici, A., 2001 Update on Roger Phillips' Mushrooms and other fungi of Gt. Britain & Europe, part 2: white and pink-spored agarics

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Macromycetes (via Agaricales) Fungi s.l. (via Fungi)

Feeding and other inter-species relationships

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Tricholomataceae may be associated with taxa listed at higher taxonomic level

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Macromycetes (via Agaricales) Fungi s.l. (via Fungi)
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